pineapple | turmeric | ginger | shrub

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Nostrum (1 of 12).jpg

pineapple | turmeric | ginger | shrub

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We crafted a funky pineapple shrub to substitute for juices and syrups in our favorite Tiki drinks. With earthy turmeric root to balance the bright acidity, and organic ginger root to provide some spice. That shit has health benefits, too.

We love it in gin, tequila, rum, and whiskey cocktails. The color is incredible.
Head to our cocktails page for recipes featuring this shrub.

Cocktails: 1/2 oz - 3/4 oz
Sodas: 1 oz per 8oz soda water

8 oz bottle: 16 cocktails or 8 sodas
16 oz bottle: 32 cocktails or 16 sodas

pineapples, organic cane sugar, organic apple cider vinegar, organic fresh ginger root, fresh turmeric root, sea salt.

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